In 2016-2017, Craig Pilecky, a photographer based in Antigo, made two trips to Iceland to capture its otherworldly Nordic scenery with his cameras. Shooting as he went, he traveled along the island nation's legendary Ring Road, known for its imposing mountains, active volcanoes, vast lava fields, blue icebergs, and thunderous waterfalls. The photographic record of his journeys will be the subject of both a Nicolet Art Gallery exhibit and an illustrated talk in the Northwoods Center on April 10 at 7:30 pm.

My Recent Work

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About Me

I love photography. Cameras, lenses, tripods. Travel, planning, playing with light. The exploration and everything about the process has changed my life. I first started getting serious about photography in 2004. I was still in college working on my graphic design degree, and I got my first 35mm film SLR. That winter I went on a trip to England and snuck off for few days to Paris. I was still learning how to focus and expose, composition was a bit of mystery to me, but I was instantly in love with it.

A few years later I got my first DSLR. A Canon Rebel XT, and a Sigma 17-70 lens. Living in central Wisconsin, there were plenty of locations where light pollution was low. I lived in Oshkosh for a time and found myself in cemeteries at night. Or crawling around old docks by the lake.

In 2015 a friend invited me on a trip with her to Iceland.  How can you say no to that?  So in early 2016 we traveled around Iceland and I got a taste for what that country has to offer.  Before my first trip was done I was already planning my second.  So in the Summer of 2017 I returned and got to explore more of this beautiful country. The landscapes Iceland has are spellbinding and like nothing else in the world. On my second trip I could barely tear myself away from the landscapes long enough to rest. It's like magic!